2018 Public Program Grants

This February, the Oregon Humanities Board of Directors awarded $59,980 in grants to thirteen nonprofit organizations from around the state. These grants will support programs that bring people together to think and talk about challenging issues and ideas.

Chinese American Benevolent Association (Eugene)
$5,246 in support of DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon, a four-day series of film screenings, panel discussions, and Q&As April 19–22, 2018, in Eugene

Clackamas County Arts Alliance (Oregon City)
$5,000 in support of the Ask the Question Project, an exhibit of photos and narratives that aims to break down stigmas and stereotypes relating to suicide and mental illness

Columbia Center for the Arts (Hood River)
$5,000 in support of Activism as Art, a series of performances and community conversations in April 2018

Fishtrap (Enterprise)
$3,750 in support of Winter Fishtrap, a series of community conversations about timely issues facing the West, taking place in early 2019

Kitchen Commons (Portland)
$3,500 in support of Kitchen Conversations, two gatherings addressing healthy relationships to food and other eaters

Kitchen Table Democracy (Portland)
$5,000 in support of Educated in Oregon, an audio project that will explore how storytelling creates space for productive conversations about the future of education in Oregon

Know Your City (Portland)
$3,200 in support of Know Your City Walking Tours, accessible tours of the city that focus on untold stories of oppressed people

The Museum at Warm Springs (Warm Springs)
$7,500 in support of "Memory of the Land: Treaty of the Middle Columbia River Tribes and Bands," an exhibit featuring the 1855 treaty that defined the area of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation and affirmed the sovereignty of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon (Portland)
$5,000 in support of the Oregon Just Transit Alliance Community Conversation Project, an effort to include communities that are disporportionately affected by environmental injustices in making decisions around environmental and economic issues

Oregon Nikkei Endowment (Portland)
$5,500 in support of Gamanfest: Reclaiming Identity through Art & Activism, a two-day event to engage young Asian Pacific American people in examining intergenerational impacts of racism, May 11–12, 2018, at Portland Community College

The Resilience Project (Corvallis)
$4,554 in support of the Latino Youth Digital Storytelling Project, an ongoing effort to train Latino youth in writing, editing, and filmmaking skills to help them produce digital stories with their families and share those stories with the community

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology (Otis)
$2,250 in support of Mingle and Muse, a free lecture series focused on issues of race, culture, and art in the summer of 2018

The Vanport Mosaic (Portland)
$4,500 in support of The Vanport Mosaic Festival 2018, a four-day multidisciplinary festival commemorating the seventieth anniversary of the flood that destroyed the city of Vanport and celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the passage of the Fair Housing Act, May 23–28, 2018,  in Portland


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