Dear Stranger: College Edition

What is Dear Stranger?
Dear Stranger is a letter exchange project that connects people across Oregon through the mail to share their thoughts and experiences. This special edition is for college and university students.

How does the letter exchange work?
You will exchange letters with another student at a different college in Oregon through mail. Students across Oregon are writing letters using the same prompts. You send your letter to Oregon Humanities. When we recieve it, we will swap it with a letter from another writer. We keep your identity anonymous. The letter can be as long or as short as you like. We encourage you to share in a way that feels good to you and would be interesting for someone else to receive. For this Dear Stranger round, you will receive the other college student’s letter around early May.

How to participate

  • Write a letter and address it “Dear Stranger.” We're provided a few questions to prompt your writing, but feel free to write about topics beyond what is asked. You are also welcome to include pictures or art or anything else you’d like to share. Keep in mind anything you share within your letter and attachments could make your letter less anonymous. We will not reveal your name and address to the recipient unless we have your permission
  • Complete the Dear Stranger release form (click the link). We cannot exchange letters without a release.
  • Mail your letter by April 10, 2021 to: 
    Dear Stranger c/o Oregon Humanities
    921 SW Washington St., #150
    Portland, Oregon 97205.
    (Be sure to write your name and return address on your envelope so we can match your letter to your release.)

It has been almost a year since many students transitioned from in-person to remote learning. Some students may appreciate the aspects of online classrooms, whereas others may prefer being in-person. There are various ways how students have been coping with virtual learning. With that said…

  • Write a bit about yourself and why did you apply for the college you are currently attending? How has COVID-19 impacted your college experience? 
  • How are you making the best out of the college experience with the pandemic?
  • Write about what your schedule is like every week. 
  • What do you do for fun on the weekends?

If you have any questions about Dear Stranger for College Students, please email


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