Resources for Conversation Project Hosts

Thank you for hosting a Conversation Project discussion! This is a general guide that includes outreach materials, a suggested timeline, and more. Feel free to adjust based on your group’s goals for hosting and who you’re inviting to the room. You know your communities best.

Roles and Responsibilities

We ask hosts to be primary promoters of the conversation, stay in close communication with the facilitators, provide commercial lodging for the facilitator if they travel more than one hundred miles, set up the room, welcome the facilitator and participants, participate in the conversation, and share materials with participants and Oregon Humanities staff (provided below). Lodging costs can be covered by Oregon Humanities if the expense is a barrier to hosting.

Oregon Humanities pays facilitators an honorarium for each event plus meals and transportation costs, provides outreach materials, and promotes public events through its website, social media, and emails to subscribers.

Facilitators typically have a brief phone call with hosts prior to the event, arrive before the start of the event, and run the program. 


Please contact Jade (Mikaela) Schey at and (503) 241-0543, ext. 110


Host Roadmap and Venue Accessibility Checklist

Tips to Address Difficult Situations

Publicity Best Practices

Images, Bios, Resource Lists, and Press Releases by Program

Oregon Humanities Logos

Sheets

Participant Evaluation

Host Evaluation

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I record audio or video of the Conversation Project? What if a reporter shows up?

Due to the nature and format of these events, documenting a Conversation Project presents many challenges. We ask hosts to prioritize the experience of the participants over capturing content. Any recording made must only be used for educational purposes, and communication with facilitators beforehand is requested. If you would like to record a conversation, please discuss details with Jade (503) 241-0543, ext. 110.

If the conversation is held in a public space and a reporter attends, they do not require permission to be there but should announce their presence. As a host, you can ask them what news source they’re representing and invite them to participate in the conversation. If they plan to record audio or video, suggest they interview participants after the event instead, as these tend to produce more useable content than the group conversation. Attendees’ names should remain anonymous unless they give the reporter permission to use them.

When are hosts responsible for lodging?

If the facilitator travels more than one hundred miles one way, we ask hosts to provide one night of commercial lodging for them. In cases when a Conversation Project has two facilitators, hosts are only expected to provide one night of lodging for one facilitator. As of December 2018, we no longer allow home stays for Conversation Project facilitators.

Oregon Humanities has funds available to cover lodging when the cost poses a barrier for hosting. If you marked lodging assistance request on the host application, we will let you know if we can cover this cost or not. While we encourage all hosts to ask for this support, we are currently prioritizing requests for lodging assistance from rural and Spanish-speaking communities.