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The conversations featured on this page are just a few of the many topics Oregon Humanities offers. Select a theme from the list below to explore the full catalog.

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Beyond Fake News

Beyond Invitation

Bias and Kids

Can We Get Along?

Crime and Punishment in Oregon

Does Higher Education Matter?

Ecology of Creative Space

Everyone Can Be a Leader

Exploring Power and Privilege with Courage, Creativity, and Compassion

Faith and Politics in Oregon and Beyond

Fish Tales

From the Desert to the Sea

Good Food, Bad Food

How Do Our Values Influence Environmental Policy?

How Do We Create Equitable Spaces Within Our Public Lands?

How We Grow Old

Hunger in Our Communities

In Good Faith

Is Technology Outpacing Our Humanity?

It’s a Free Country

Just a Number

Keeping Tabs on America

Oregonians and the State’s Racist Past, Present, and Future

Power, Privilege, and Racial Diversity in Oregon

Race and Adoption

Race and Place: Racism and Resilience in Oregon’s Past and Future

Recognizing the Diversity Among Us

Seeing the Forest and the Trees

Sentenced for a Season, Punished for Life

Sharing Our Lives with Animals

Showing Up

Talking about Dying

The Hate We Live In

The Meaning of Climate Change

The Middle Class and Other Stories about Wealth, Status, and Power

The Space Between Us

What Are You?

What Does It Mean to Be American?

What Does It Mean to Be Good?

What Is Ambition Worth?

What Is Cultural Appropriation?

What is Success in Competitive Sports?

What Makes a Good Tax?

What Makes a Job Good?

What Makes Life Meaningful?

What Makes Oregon Hip Hop?

What's in a Label?

What’s the Purpose of Public Education?

What We Owe

What We Risk

Where Are Queer People Welcome?

Where Are You from?

White Allyship in Close-knit Communities

Who are the Deserving Poor?

Why DIY?

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?