Where Are Queer People Welcome?

A majority of Americans now accept gay and lesbian relationships, but the queer population is made up of a diversity of communities and experiences. Are all queer people accepted, tolerated, and embraced everywhere? Where are we made to feel welcome? Where do we feel unwelcome and unsafe? How do race, language, gender identity, family structure, faith, where we work, and where we live shape how we are seen, welcomed, and accepted? Join facilitator Jill Winsor in a discussion that explores how the complexity of the queer community intersects with the spaces and communities that surround us.


Jill Winsor | Portland

Jill Winsor is a nerdy queer feminist who happens to work as a policy advocate. In Jill’s role at Neighborhood Partnerships, she works to explore new resources, tools, and policy concepts to improve the financial stability of Oregon communities. Her advocacy is informed by the decade she spent on the front lines of social service provision in public healthcare settings. She spends a lot of time thinking about how we construct community and firmly believes that good policy is possible when space is created for the active participation of the communities most impacted.

Program Themes

Belonging , Identity , Oregon , Place

Equipment Needs

chalk/whiteboard , digital projector , screen , speakers