What Makes Oregon Hip Hop?

Hip hop is nothing if not adaptable. It is owned by everyone and no one. Its constant evolution has kept it at the forefront of both mainstream and underground cultural movements for decades. It has been adopted, co-opted, incorporated, stolen, appreciated, revered, feared, hated, and celebrated since its inception. If hip hop is everywhere, then where and how does it arise in Oregon? Join artist and educator Jason Graham to explore questions such as, Where is hip hop embraced in Oregon, where is it rejected? How is it received and perceived throughout the rural, urban, suburban communities in which we live? What effect has hip hop had on Oregon, and what impact has Oregon made on hip hop? This conversation may include some hands-on activities.


MOsley WOtta | Bend

MOsley WOtta, aka Jason Graham, is an American hip hop artist and performer. His work has been featured around Oregon and the globe, including on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Art Beat and as part of Street Con Dubai. He lives in Bend with his wife and three children.

Program Themes

Art and Music , Community , Identity

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