The Values Behind Buying and Selling

We all have to buy items to get through our daily lives. Sometimes the purchase is so small we hardly give it a second thought. Other times we have to spend a lot of money and might explore all our options. What different values are at play when we buy things? Why does it matter what values inform our purchasing? Of course, many people’s livelihood depends on selling things. How do their values matter? How do we determine if something is a fair deal? Today, many things we buy and sell cross international borders. Do we have different values when we think globally? If we only buy blueberries from Oregon, for example, what does it mean for blueberry farmers in Chile? Lawyer and researcher Michael Fakhri will lead participants in a conversation about how we assess the value of buying and selling in local and global markets.


Michael Fakhri | Eugene

Michael Fakhri has studied international trade for over fifteen years as a community activist, business lawyer, and scholar. He is the author of Sugar and the Making of International Trade Law. An associate professor at the University of Oregon School of Law, he is also the coleader of the Food Resiliency Project and teaches courses in international trade, food and agriculture, and commercial law.

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Economics , Global and Local , International , Oregon , Values

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