Everyday Leaders

Recognizing Leadership Beyond Power and Authority

The notion of “leadership” often conjures up individuals with titles reflecting positions of power and authority—those who control resources and make important decisions that affect large groups of people. Many of our ideas about leadership are also influenced by race, gender, age, and other identities. Join leadership studies teacher Lois Ruskai Melina for a conversation exploring questions such as, How are leadership, power, and authority different? What do everyday acts of leadership look like? Are some people naturally "leaders" and others "followers," or does everyone have the capacity—and responsibility—to be both in different situations?



Lois Ruskai Melina | Portland

Lois Ruskai Melina has a PhD in Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University, a program that views leadership as a process of individual, organizational, and global change. She has taught leadership at Gonzaga University and Union Institute & University. She was the lead editor of the anthology The Embodiment of Leadership, and her academic research has appeared in the journals Leadership ReviewGlobal DiscourseThe International Journal of Servant Leadership, and Qualitative Inquiry. She blogs about leadership at loismelina.wordpress.com.

Program Themes

Civic Life , Community , Leadership , Power , Values , Work

Equipment Needs

easel , flip chart paper , markers