From the Desert to the Sea

Geography and Identity in Oregon

What are people really asking when they ask, “Where do you live?” In Oregon, philosophical and political divides have deep connections to geographic location. This conversation, led by author Kristy Athens, will explore the assumptions Oregonians have historically made about each other based on both literal and figurative place—including east versus west and urban versus rural—as well as the potential benefits and harms of conflating where you are (or have been) with who you are.



Kristy Athens | Enterprise

Kristy Athens is the author of Get Your Pitchfork On!: The Real Dirt on Country Living (Process Media, 2012). She considers herself “bi-cultural” with urban and rural living, and has traveled extensively across Oregon. She has an MS in food systems and society from Marylhurst University and lives in Wallowa County.

Program Themes

Identity , Place

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digital projector , screen