After Obama

Talking Race in America Today

The election of Barack Obama to the US presidency in 2008 seemed to signal a shift in the way we talk and think about race in the US. For many, it meant the opportunity to broach the topic of race more openly, even when that included addressing claims of a “post-racial” America. Now that Obama’s presidency has ended, conversations about race continue to dominate. Join writer and professor Kim Singletary in a conversation that explores the challenges and benefits of this shift in national racial consciousness and asks us to consider the ways that we are more or less reluctant to discuss race with our family, friends, and strangers. The conversation will also touch on best practices for encouraging constructive “race talks” within participants’ communities.


Kim Singletary | Portland

Kim Singletary has seen most of North America through the windows of a conversion van. From kindergarten through high school, she and her brother traveled throughout the US and Canada playing Judo. Her travels continued in college, when she spent two summers driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile and learning hot dog-related puns. After stints in Denmark and London, she graduated from college and taught English in rural Japan for a year as part of the JET Program. Kim also has received DAAD and Fulbright fellowships to Germany and Austria, respectively. Although she has been a professor for the last several years, Kim has recently returned to her first love, writing.

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America , Civic Life , Media and Journalism , Power , Race

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