A Place to Call Home

Exploring Housing in Oregon

At the most basic level, a home is a place that gives you shelter, protecting you from the weather and unsafe situations. It’s also where you live your life, eat your meals, raise your family. If housing is a basic human right, why do so many people struggle to find or keep housing? How do we as individuals and as a society make decisions that undermine the idea that we all have a right to home? Join facilitator Cristina Palacios in a conversation that will ask you to share your own experiences with housing and explore the ways that we value—and discount—home as a basic human right.


Cristina Palacios | Fairview

Cristina Palacios was born in Tolimán, Jalisco, México, and started organizing at age fourteen. Most recently, Christina worked with Community Alliance of Tenants as senior organizer. She is driven by a passion for housing and social justice and the belief that everyone—regardless, their income, disability, race or immigration status—deserves a safe and healthy place to call home. She builds connections between services and people and hopes that by working together we can have safe, healthy communities where we can all thrive.

Program Themes

Belonging , Equity , Gentrification and Displacement , Home , Place

Equipment Needs

chalk/whiteboard , digital projector , laptop computer , microphone , screen