Conversation Project Catalog

A Place to Call Home

Exploring Housing in Oregon

Beyond Fake News

How We Find Accurate Information about the World

Democracy from the Inside Out

Listening to Our Consciences and Our Neighbors

Everyday Leaders

Recognizing Leadership Beyond Power and Authority

Fish Tales

Traditions and Challenges of Seafood in Oregon

From Saving to Serving

On Intervening in the Lives of Others

From the Desert to the Sea

Geography and Identity in Oregon

Good Food, Bad Food

Agriculture, Ethics, and Personal Choice

In Good Faith

Exploring Religious Difference in Oregon

In Science We Trust

The Role of Science in a Democracy

Just a Number

Aging and Intergenerational Friendship

Keeping Tabs on America

Surveillance and You

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Stewarding Our Public Forests

Showing Up

What Does It Mean to Belong to a Community?

Stone Soup

How Recipes Can Preserve History and Nourish Community

The Space Between Us

Immigrants, Refugees, and Oregon

The World to Come

How Our Fear about the Future Affects Our Actions Today

What Are You?

Mixed-Race and Interracial Families in Oregon's Past and Future

What Does It Mean to Be Good?

Exploring Morality in the Midst of Structural Oppression

What's in a Label?

Thinking about Diversity and Racial Categories

What We Owe

Living with Debt

What We Risk

Creativity, Vulnerability, and Art

Where Are You from?

Exploring What Makes Us Oregonians