December 15: What Is a Creative Priority?

We're hosting one virtual conversation for people living anywhere in Oregon on Tuesday, December 15. This conversation will take place via Zoom from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. PDT. Register here.

What is a Creative Priority?

Facilitated by Jason Graham - register here

So the world is ending, want to start a record label? This conversation investigates the relevance of making art during times of personal, communal, or global crisis. How can we justify painting a painting when we don’t know where our food is going to come from? What resources are needed to create meaningful work if resources are limited? What exactly does creativity offer us during this time of obvious uncertainty? What is our collective and personal obligation to creativity during a significant upheaval? Join MOsley WOtta for a conversation about getting creative during the apocalypse.

MOsley WOtta (Jason Graham) is a writer, painter, and performer based in Central Oregon. His work has been featured internationally. Wotta is currently finishing his tenure as the first Creative Laureate of Bend. His latest project, THIS IS NOT ALL THERE IS, was released on WAKE RECORDS in 2020.


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