Fields Artist Fellowship

A new two-year fellowship program for emerging to mid-career Oregon artists.

The Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) and Oregon Humanities (OH) are instituting a significant new fellowship program for emerging to mid-career Oregon-based artists. Beginning in 2019, OCF and OH will work together to award four Fields Artist Fellows $100,000 each over a two-year period, along with robust convening and learning opportunities.

The hope is that this opportunity will enable Fields Artist Fellows to take their art to a higher level and pursue artistic work that responds in meaningful ways to the opportunity gap in Oregon.

Over this initial two-year term, Oregon Community Foundation and Oregon Humanities anticipate that the four Fields Artist Fellows will represent different regions of the state and advance their artistic practice while addressing the opportunity gap within these regions.

The Oregon Community Foundation explains the opportunity gap as follows:

Oregon is experiencing widening socioeconomic disparities, and now, more than at any time in the past several generations, the circumstances into which a child is born largely determine[s] the life [the child] achieves. Despite widespread belief in the American dream, for many children this dream appears out of reach. Characteristics of neighborhoods and communities, family structure and circumstances, and educational experiences all play a role in providing—or limiting—children’s opportunities. Oregon’s low-income children, children of color and rural children do not have the same set of opportunities enjoyed by higher-income and white children, and this opportunity gap has far-reaching implications for personal achievement and well-being as well as for community vitality. There is much work to be done, and at the same time, there is no shortage of examples of Oregonians across the state who are working tirelessly to find solutions. These solutions will be most effective with meaningful participation and leadership from all of Oregon’s diverse communities. Through these efforts—small and large, local and regional —we can ensure that all of Oregon’s children receive a fair chance at forging their American dream. 

More information about the opportunity gap as OCF and OH understand it can be found here.

During their fellowships, the Fields Artist Fellows will respond to and explore the opportunity gap with and within regional communities, participate in yearly gatherings, and document their experiences. Each fellow will be awarded $50,000 per year for two years.


Artists of all media may submit a proposal, including multidisciplinary artists, writers, filmmakers, visual artists, multimedia artists, cultural heritage artists, musicians and performing artists. Other requirements include the following: 

  • Five or more years of professional practice in an artistic discipline or combination of disciplines

  • Three years of residence in Oregon and the intent to reside in Oregon for the majority of the fellowship term (May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2021)

  • Demonstrable evidence of artistic practice that has the potential to create engagement with community organizations and/or address community concerns

How to apply:

Application is now closed. Proposals were accepted until January 14, 2019.

Applications will be review by selection panel and final decision will be made by late April 2019.

For more information:

The Oregon Community Foundation and Oregon Humanities held an online informational session on December 12, 2018 to provide more information and answer questions about about the Fields Artist Fellowship. A full recording of this session is available here. Read and download the slides use in the presentation here.

The Fields Artist Fellowship is a collaborative program between Oregon Humanities and the Oregon Community Foundation.

If you have any further questions about this program please contact Maya Muñoz-Tobón at or at (503) 241-0543, extension 116.



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Hello, my art has been dedicated to addressing the Oregon Opportunity Gap with my very first art exhibit inspired by the at risk youth I’ve worked with over the last 14 years. I give a voice to the voiceless and marginalized. I try to create gracious space and equity for all I paint. Thank you for reviewing my application and hope to be the voice who can bridge the gap for many of the youth who so desperately need it in my community.

Eddie Melendrez | February 2019 | Ontario Oregon

I am a singer/songwriter with 12cds To my credit. I have performed at the Britt festival and several other venues in so. Oregon and Calif.. I also paint in oils, and am a wood carver and flintlock gunsmith.

Glenn Justus | December 2018 | Klamath Falls, Or.

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